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Handmade Willow Baskets an Autumn Special

Warm Autumnal Tones

Handmade Willow baskets are a lovely way of introducing warm autumnal tones into your home this time of year. We have a gorgeous range of handmade Irish baskets available in a choice of warm, earthy colours.

Ireland has a long tradition of weaving and basket making. These skills were used for both the construction of buildings and the crafting of furniture and household containers.

One of the most common household containers was the traditional Irish Skib basket. The Skib is a round and flat basket made from Willow, it had many functions around the home and can be used both decoratively and functionally.

Read more about the Skib and our other baskets here:

Handmade Willow Baskets

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handmade round, willow basket
handmade round, willow basket
handmade round, willow basket
handmade round, willow basket
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Blackrock Sunday Market

Blackrock Sunday Market

Every Sunday
Blackrock Village, Cork

Design + Craft Market

Join us in the heart of Blackrock Village every Sunday for the Blackrock Sunday Market.

You’ll find a great selection of food and handmade crafts from local traders.

And its a great place to find unique gifts.

Beautiful selection of craft and design handmade in Ireland:


Bell, Book + Candle Crafts

Chroi Crafts


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Shop More Sustainably

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Meet retailers helping us shop more sustainably for our homes, Irish Examiner

New experiences are popping up so we can buy more mindfully for our living spaces. We check out Cork’s curiosity shops.

FRI, 14 JAN, 2022

Who isn’t guilty of having bought a cheapish piece of furniture in a hurry which not long after fell apart and headed off to landfill?

Fast furniture, like fast food, gives an instant hit of satisfaction, providing an immediate solution to a seating problem or hunger pangs, but neither does us or the planet much good in the longer term.

New Year with its tradition of making resolutions is a good time to start buying better, either pre-loved or locally made. The latter, admittedly, will be more expensive than off the shelf, but you’ll get exactly what you want and something that might even last beyond a generation and is an item that can be repaired when necessary.

If the contemporary look is more your thing, within walking distance of Cork City is Origineire which opened just before Christmas on Centre Park Road. Once an industrial area, in recent years it’s been attracting an arty set with pop up shops and regular markets.

Director Siobhan Brennan’s decision to open up shop in Cork was prompted by what she sees as a growing craft and design scene.

“There is such a richness and vibrancy in the work being created here that it sparked the idea of launching Origineire, because art, design and craft can have a place in everyone’s daily lives,” she says. “Why buy mass-produced products for our homes when we can have authentic works of art and natural, handcrafted homewares and furniture from Ireland?”


At its heart, Origineire is focused on contemporary Irish furniture and interiors, selling a handpicked selection of design and décor products created by both known and emerging designers and artists based in Ireland.

Concerned about the environmental and social impact of over-production, consumption and the disposal of products, Origineire sells home goods that are expertly crafted by hand and made to last, so when you go for a browse expect to see furniture, art, ceramics and glassware.

For the time being, it’s appointment only, but Siobhan says, “Even last-minute appointments are welcome. Just phone or email and if we can fit you in, we will. We’re flexible in that we can schedule viewings during lunch breaks, after work or on weekends. Visitors are welcome to browse and ask questions, especially people that are just curious. There’s no obligation to purchase.”

While sustainable products tend to be more expensive, they’re a long-term saving and designed for longevity using good quality materials to provide durability and enabling maintenance and repair if necessary. It means they last longer so you can buy less often.

To give customers a steer about how to buy in a sustainable way, Siobhan, says, “Ask what’s it made from, seek out natural materials like wood, glass, metal, and avoid exotic timber no matter how eco-friendly it is claiming to be. It still has to travel around the world to get to you.”

Something we may not have questioned and which Siobhan also highlights is, “Many retailers sell products under the Designed in Ireland brand, but the products are made on the other side of the world, so always check the label.”

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Sólás Home Catalogue

Origineire are delighted to present our new Sólás Home Catalogue (Irish for solace, comfort, joy). Here you will find elegant contemporary Irish furniture, homeware and fine art, created by acclaimed and emerging designers and artists. At Origineire we will help you source beautiful pieces for your home and make ordering as easy as possible.

Our indoor spaces, especially our homes, are vital for solace, comfort and joy. Not only a protection from the elements, they are our primary social spaces. In our Sólás Home Catalogue we present furniture, homeware and art for the main social spaces within the Irish home – an cistin the kitchen and an seomra suí the sitting room. Each piece in our selection is carefully designed and crafted by hand in Ireland. They are created with love and care, and each holds its own unique story. So let art, design and craft inspire your daily life and help you create an authentic atmosphere in your home that reflects who you are and how you live your life.

At a time when sustainability and ethical production are so important, Origineire offers products that are not mass produced. They are made to order locally from ethically sourced and recycleable materials. More importantly they are design led and environmentally friendly without compromising elegance, style and beauty.


Hand Crafted

Using the best of natural, ethically sourced, renewable materials, and made to exceptionally high standards, each product is created with an attention to detail that mass produced work cannot compete with. Products are created to meet your aesthetic and functional needs and have an authentic quality that lasts and endures.

Made to Order

With the option to customise by size, colour, material, finish etc. for most of our products, you are part of the making process. We do not mass produce and rarely hold stock, so when you order the maker begins the process of creating your piece.

Delivered to your Door

When your order is ready, we collect it from the maker and deliver it directly to your door. Delivery is an additional cost, so you also have the option to arrange collection yourself. Origineire wants to help you find beautiful pieces that will compliment your home life and social spaces.

Beautiful, Stylish & Sustainable

Discover unique, authentic Irish home decor and gifts beautifully designed and made. Request a catalogue from: