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Irish Design Delivered by Origineire

We specialise in contemporary Irish furniture and homeware, we value style over trends and handcrafted quality over mass production, and we promise authentic Irish design delivered. Read More ➞

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Origineire specialises in contemporary Irish design, handmade furniture, unique homeware and original fine art created by a network of acclaimed and emerging designers and artists based around Ireland.

In an increasingly digital and remote world, it is so important to balance our virtual lives by grounding ourselves in the real world. Engaging with art, craft and design, and surrounding ourselves with authentic pieces brings harmony to our home and work spaces, refocuses our outlook to live each day well and maintains our connection with the natural world.

Our selection of furniture and homeware are authentic pieces created by hand, made to order from ethically sourced natural materials by master craftspeople, artists and designers. Each piece combines timeless design with excellence in craftsmanship and is created with a unique story.

Beautiful, stylish and sustainable, our products are not mass produced, they generally require no assembly and are customizable. They are natural, genuine and an ethical and environmentally friendly choice, handcrafted, made to order and delivered to your door. Origineire – the home of Irish design delivered. Read More ➞