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Mary Jane Chairs
Timeless Design & Craftsmanship
Timeless Design & Craftsmanship

Image: Mary Jane Chairs
by Fergal O'Leary

Origineire specialise in contemporary Irish furniture, homeware and fine art. We will help you discover and order beautiful and unique pieces for your home, while also offering you a sustainable, ethical and environmentally friendly choice.

Designed for longevity, our products are beautiful, stylish and sustainable. They are created with love and care and each holds its own unique story. So let art, design and craft inspire your daily life and enhance the character and atmosphere of your home.

Origineire is dedicated to bringing you authentic Irish design and showcases a range of functional and decorative work for your kitchen, dining room and living room from the designers, makers and artists we represent, so that it’s easier for you to find and order something special for your home.

Using the best of natural, ethically sourced, renewable materials, you can be assured that our collection of handmade Irish furniture and homeware, combine timeless style and skilled craftsmanship with sustainability and are authentic heirloom pieces.

Hand Crafted – Made to exceptionally high standards, often one piece at a time and by hand, each piece gets the attention to detail that mass produced work cannot compete with. Products are design led, they are created to meet your aesthetic and functional needs and are of authentic quality that lasts and endures.

Made to Order – Many of our products offer you the option to customise your piece by size, colour, material etc. to suit your preferences. We do not mass produce and rarely hold stock, so when you order the maker begins the process of creating your piece, this reduces waste, eliminates over production and is better for the planet.