Traditional Irish Skib Basket


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This beautiful Ciseog could be yours – it’s ready now.

This unique traditional Irish skib basket is created with a combination of Willow varieties and is ready to be delivered immediately.

The traditional Irish Skib basket, also known as a Ciseog basket is steeped in Irish heritage. These days the Ciseog is perfect as a table centrepiece, a bread basket or fruit bowl. You may wish to use it decoratively as a wall hanging or on a sideboard. Willow baskets have a tactile beauty and a warming effect on a room so they work both functionally and decoratively.

History: This round multi-functional basket is generally known as a Sciob or Skib, but is also called a Báscaid Geal in Donegal and a Ciseog or Cuiseog in Galway. It was traditionally used to strain and serve cooked potatoes, often propped on a stool or upturned basket and used as a small table from which everyone sat around and ate from.

Size, Shape and Colour: The Ciseog, Skiob or Skib Basket is a flat and wide multi-functional Irish heritage basket, this basket measures approx 30cm in diameter. It is woven from willow grown in County Cork, Ireland. As a natural material and being completely handmade, colours and pattern will vary slightly from these photographs and will not be exactly the same. The willow used for your basket is hand grown in Ireland and is 100% carbon neutral.

Lead Time: This basket is ready to deliver and should be with you in approx two weeks.

Caring for your Traditional Irish Willow Skib Basket: 

As with all wood, willow is a natural material that is impacted by the environment it’s in, over time light will effect it’s colour and extreme changes in temperature and humidity will cause it to expand and contract. Use a duster, dry cloth or vacuum cleaner to remove dust, use warm soapy water to clean any stains and if mold or mildew forms clean the area with a mild lemon juice and water solution then rinse thoroughly to prevent dis-colouration and dab dry. If your environment is very dry and warm, leaving your basket out in a summer shower once a year will restore moisture content and prevent your basket from drying out and becoming brittle.

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Dimensions 300 × 300 × 50 mm


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