Handcrafted Wooden Kitchen Utensils

Spatulas, Tongs & Knives | Ergonomic designed cooking utensils | Kitchen Tools

Make every meal a celebration with elegant kitchen utensils and beautiful custom made pieces to help with food preparation and serving. Tongs, cheese knives and spatulas exquisitely made from natural materials are a beautiful accompaniment to our range of ceramic platters, boards and woven servers. All handcrafted in Ireland from ethically and sustainably sourced materials.

The Cork Boy Spatula & Knife combine the feeling of traditional wooden cookware with a contemporary functionary design. The cork gives the utensil a comfortable, lightweight grip. The Wu Tong Stick are for those who struggle with chopsticks but want to enjoy Asian eating customs. Great for all ages, Wu Tong Sticks give that extra bit of help needed to acquire the chopsticks technique. The Ordning Utensil Set named from the Swedish word for order, follows a decorative style created with a detailed technique of pattern, decoration and craftsmanship to create geometric constructions. While highly decorative, these utensils follow a functionary design with the handle offering a firm but lightweight grip.

Find something special amongst our selection of hand crafted servers, chopping boards and unique kitchen utensils and make mealtime and food preparation a little more luxurious.