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Interior Planning
Interior Planning

Our Interior Planning philosophy supports designing for longevity. We support a slow consumption ethos and value ethical and sustainable work practices and the reduction of waste, all necessary to minimise both ecological and social damage. Design for longevity takes into consideration ergonomics to include functionality, comfort and place. Another key element is the selection of materials that meet design needs and that are of high quality so as to provide durability and enable maintenance and repair.

Our range of products originate in Ireland, they are created by artists and designers based here, and are representative of contemporary Irish design. As an island nation, our history and heritage informed a vernacular style of craftsmanship and making, often based on necessity and limited by available raw materials. Vernacular design is a response to the immediate environment, the climate, available materials and the needs of the user. It does not follow fashion or trends and so has a timeless quality rooted in provenance.

One of the biggest influences on the design of furniture in Ireland is the characteristics of the house. The hearth has always held the central position in the Irish home. Furniture was designed to function around the hearth to facilitate cooking, eating, chatting and storytelling. In the 1800s the traditional Irish house began to extend beyond the single open plan area and new rooms were added, including a parlour or good room which evolved into an seomra suí the sitting room.

Now, in the 21st century, an cistin the kitchen continues to be our central gathering space, especially in the context of open plan living, with an seomra suí an extension of the kitchen. We have become more sophisticated in how we expect our spaces and furniture to function, so Origineire brings you a unique and beautiful collection of contemporary Irish furniture and homeware that meet your needs, that enhance the character and atmosphere of your home, and that are representative of contemporary design in Ireland.

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Interior planning designing for longevity uses the best of natural, ethically sourced, renewable materials, and made to exceptionally high standards, each product is created with an attention to detail that mass produced work cannot compete with. Products are design led, created to meet your aesthetic and functional needs and have an authentic quality that lasts and endures.

With the option to customise by size, colour, material, finish etc. for most of our products, you are part of the making process. We do not mass produce and rarely hold stock, so when you order the maker begins the process of creating your piece. Each piece is carefully designed and crafted by hand in Ireland. They are created with love and care, and each holds its own unique story. So let art, design and craft inspire your daily life and help you create an authentic atmosphere in your home that reflects who you are and how you live your life.

Story telling is part of our culture and ingrained in our daily lives. With an cistin as the centre of the Irish home, we use the space for the same purposes as our ancestors – to cook, eat, chat and tell stories. The way we use our home has advanced with the luxury of technology to aid our daily lives, but our homes are as important as ever for us to share our stories with the people we share our lives with.

And our homes tell stories about us. They are an expression of who we are, how we live and they document our lives. Origineire has sourced beautiful and unique pieces for your home so that you can be surrounded by items that make you happy, that bring you solace, comfort and joy, that express a mood, convey your beliefs and that tell part of your story.

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Trade Service

Interior Designers, Architects and design professionals, when buying for your clients, you can be assured that our collection is made to the highest standards by master craftspeople, artists and designers; with superior quality, ethically sourced materials. Our flexible service means you can choose from a diverse customizable product range or work with us to create new bespoke designs.

As a Trade customer you will receive a personalised service to help you meet your clients needs. If you would like to find out more about specific trade terms, benefits and discounts or if you want to enquire about a particular product or designer please get in contact.

Design Ethos

Our interior planning designing for longevity ethos is to select furniture and accessories made from natural materials that infuse the core elements of colour, texture and pattern and that help you create a space that can be comfortable and calm or energetic and vibrant depending on your personal style and aesthetics.

Origineire can help you plan your space and connect you with home products and designers that will transform your home, with the option to customise your order so that it’s perfect for you.
There is also the option to commission bespoke pieces made especially for you.

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