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While every artist, designer and maker has a unique outlook, process and style, there are similar geographical and cultural influences that define their concerns.

Contemporary work in Ireland leans towards Northern European styling with clean lines and minimalist design, but with a unique robustness rooted in provenance, that places usability and comfort at the fore.
Home > About > Aesthetics
The weather and landscape – the muted natural light, flora and fauna, the wet and mild gulf stream climate – all shape the way life is lived in Ireland. Spending more time living indoors and in covered spaces than Southern Europeans, homes are not only a protection from the elements, they are our primary social spaces.

This lived experience informs the work of artists, designers and makers whose diverse responses and interpretations of nature are noted through structure, form, use of colour, pattern, texture and materials.
Home > About > Aesthetics
Historically, self sufficiency was driven by rural living and poverty but led to innovation and creativity in the use of available materials and the design of multi-functional objects and furniture for the home. Often with materials alone defining structure and form.

Now, technology, travel, migration, abundant materials and access to resources drives innovation further, enhancing capabilities and presenting new opportunities.

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