Trade Enquiries

Trade Enquiries

Interior Designers, Architects and design professionals, when buying for your clients, you can be assured that our collection is made to the highest standards by master craftspeople, artists and designers; with superior quality, ethically sourced materials. Our flexible service means you can choose from a diverse customizable product range or work with us to create new bespoke designs.

Engaging with Art & Design

It is so important to balance our virtual lives by grounding ourselves in the ‘real’ world. Engaging with art and design, and surrounding ourselves with authentic pieces brings harmony to our home and work spaces, refocuses our outlook to live each day well and maintains our connection with the natural world.

Authentic & Natural

Our curated collection of furniture and homeware are authentic pieces created by hand, made from natural materials and hold their own unique story. They are not mass produced, require no assembly and are customizable. And we hope they inspire you.

Trade Service

As a Trade customer you will receive a personalised service to help you meet your clients needs. If you would like to find out more about specific Trade terms and benefits or if you want to enquire about a particular product or designer please get in contact.

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