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Handmade Glass Tumblers
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Handmade Glass Tumblers
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Handmade Glass Tumblers
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Handmade Glass Tumblers
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Handmade Glass Tumblers
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Soft to the touch, with a bright and playful colour range, Spot Glasses are created using traditional free blown glass techniques. Free blown glass is the process of gathering molten glass from the furnace on the end of a blowpipe and then shaping it by hand using a damp paper pad and inflating it with the blowpipe. Unlike mass produced glass, the handmade nature of this process means that each tumbler has slight variations in size, thickness and shape. This collection is influenced by the Scandinavian ethos of ‘less is more’ and by East Africa with its wild animals, insects and vivid landscape.

Dimensions: Each glass measures approx ø 93mm and 93mm high.

Shape and Colour: There are slight variations in size, shape and profile of each glass. Colours may vary slightly and may not necessarily be exactly as depicted in these images.

Lead Time: These pieces are made-to-order and may take approx 6-8 weeks, from time of order to make and deliver to you.

Caring for your Glass: To ensure the longest life for your glass clean after use by hand with warm soapy water. Don’t leave food or drink overnight as it may stain. If stains occur leave the ware stand in a vinegar soak of hot water and white vinegar for ten minutes, then wash as normal, staining should scrub off.

Additional information

Weight .150 kg
Dimensions 93 × 93 mm


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