Báidín Jug



The Báidín Jug is designed and made in Ming Porcelain. The jug measures approx 75mm in diameter and 70mm high and has a 8oz/200ml approx capacity. It has a smooth semi satin finish and is available in a range of colours, derived from glazes that have an association with specific locations along the coast of Ireland. 

Shape and Colour: Made and then glazed by hand, unlike the uniformity of mass production, you will notice in the Báidín Collection slight variations in shape and colour. Colours may vary slightly and may not necessarily be exactly as depicted in these images.

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Caring for Porcelain: Porcelain is very durable and is microwave, oven, freezer and dishwasher safe. But to ensure the longest life for your porcelain ware clean after use by hand with warm soapy water. Don’t leave food or drink overnight as it may stain. If stains occur leave the ware stand in a vinegar soak of hot water and white vinegar for ten minutes, then wash as normal, staining should scrub off.

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Dimensions 75 × 70 mm


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