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This beautiful, delicate asymmetric plate measures approx 195mm by 170mm with a 13mm rim. Available in a choice of colour combinations, the underside of the plate has a matt finish which contrasts beautifully with the soft sheen of the top side. This bright, fun ceramics collection is intended to be held, used and loved and is perfect for summer tapas or your very own stay home izakaya.

The Flotsam & Jetsam range is influenced and inspired by the Irish seaside and the man-made debris washed ashore that has been weathered by churning salt water and transformed by the sea with edges softened and faded colours. The overall look of this collection is defined by industrial styling with exposed seams, narrow rims, angular forms and very fine cross sections.

Shape and Colour: Made and then glazed by hand from clay slip, you will notice slight variations in shape and colour. Colours may vary slightly and may not necessarily be exactly as depicted in these images.

Dimensions: 195mm by 170mm and 13mm high.

Lead Time: These pieces will take approx 5 weeks, from time of order to make and deliver to you.

Caring for your Ceramics: To ensure the longest life for your ceramics clean after use by hand with warm soapy water. Don’t leave food or drink overnight as it may stain. If stains occur leave the ware stand in a vinegar soak of hot water and white vinegar for ten minutes, then wash as normal, staining should scrub off.

Additional information

Weight .05 kg
Dimensions 195 × 170 × 13 mm

Satin Topside

Blue Satin, Peach Satin, Pink Satin

Matt Underside

Blue Matt, Peach Matt, Pink Matt


Lead Time

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