Currach Basket



This Currach Basket measures approx 58cm in length and comes in a range of colours. Handmade in the shape of traditional Irish boats unique to the west coast of Ireland, this traditionally woven basket can be used for storage, decoration and is safe for serving dry food- just wash with warm soapy water and dry immediately after.

Pattern and Colour: It comes in a choice of two colours. If you have a special colour request please message us with the details using the ‘Ask a Question’ button. As a natural material and being completely handmade, colours and pattern will vary slightly from these photographs and will not be exactly the same. The willow used for your basket is hand grown in Ireland and is 100% carbon neutral.

Lead Time: The Currach Basket is made-to-order and takes approx four weeks to produce.

Caring for your Willow Basket: As with all wood, willow is a natural material that is impacted by the environment it’s in, over time light will effect it’s colour and extreme changes in temperature and humidity will cause it to expand and contract. Use a duster, dry cloth or vacuum cleaner to remove dust, use warm soapy water to clean any stains and if mold or mildew forms clean the area with a mild lemon juice and water solution then rinse thoroughly to prevent dis-colouration and dab dry. If your environment is very dry and warm, leaving your basket out in a summer shower once a year will restore moisture content and prevent your basket from drying out and becoming brittle.

Additional information

Dimensions 580 mm


Willow Colour

Black Maul, Dickey Meadows

Lead Time

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