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Interior Planning 101

In an increasingly digital world where we spend more and more time online, our lives have become more virtual and dependent upon technology. It is so important to balance our virtual lives by grounding ourselves in the ‘real’ world.

Engaging with art and design refocuses our outlook to live each day well, inspires satisfaction and gratitude, and is proven to relieve stress and encourage creative thinking. By surrounding ourselves with authentic pieces, that are created by hand, made from natural materials and that hold their own unique story, we expand our experience, maintain our connection with the natural world and safeguard the environment.

Work Space

When planning your work space, be it in an office environment or working from home, by introducing natural materials, adequate lighting and plants, you can create a comfortable and calm space that lets you work more efficiently and helps you mitigate stress. Origineire can connect you with designers and products that will transform office environments to provide a more natural and authentic workspace that promotes tranquility and encourages creative thinking.

Social Space

Finding balance is key when planning social spaces within the home, work or hospitality sector. Balance requires that there is a general equalisation across all visual elements. Consider your lighting when planning your composition, decide a focal point and then select furniture and accessories made from natural materials that bring colour, texture and pattern to your space. A well balanced room creates harmony and a sense of restfulness. Origineire wants to help you find beautiful pieces that will compliment your home life and social spaces.

What to look for when starting your furniture collection:

Design Led

Look for products that are design led. Well designed pieces will take into consideration ergonomics to include functionality, comfort and place; and selection of materials that meet design needs and that are of high quality so as to provide durability and enable maintenance and repair. A well considered and evolved design will be more likely to stand the test of time and very often there is also an option to customise your piece so that it fits to your personal style.


Seek out pieces that are not mass produced. Handcrafted pieces are produced with a much higher level of care and attention to detail, excellence in craftsmanship drives the entire process and the outcome delivers superior quality and high value creations. Of course you will have to wait longer than you would if buying mass produced, store bought furniture and homeware.


It is so important to consider the long-term impact of our consumption. Look for pieces that are made from natural materials and preferably more regional/within your own continent. There is huge benefit to the environment by purchasing work made from ethically sourced, renewable and natural raw materials. Look for work that is designed for longevity and supports ethical and sustainable work practices and the reduction of waste, these minimise both ecological and social damage. And don’t forget good quality, well made products can last a lifetime so you can buy less often.