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Starting to think about keeping cosy and preparing for Christmas? If you’re looking for an elegant cup for coffee breaks, hot chocolate or as a special gift for someone, try these beautiful fine porcelain cups available to order now to be in time for Christmas.

Porcelain Cups by Markus Jungmann
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Fine Porcelain Cups Markus Jungmann
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Porcelain Cups by Markus Jungmann
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Porcelain Cup by Markus Jungmann
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Porcelain Cups by Markus Jungmann
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Porcelain Cup by Markus Jungmann
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The Earth, Fire & Water Cups, are available in three sizes to suit your beverage of choice, from an invigorating double espresso to a large, comforting hot chocolate. Designed and made in fine porcelain by Markus Jungmann, the Earth, Fire & Water range is inspired by the landscape of Co. Kerry, and is an elegant collection combining functionary forms with intense and expressive surface design, hosting a spectrum of vivid colours achieved by manipulating the firing atmosphere in a gas kiln to develop the deep, rich hues. Handmade in fine porcelain, each vessel has a subtle translucency highlighted by its glaze.

Shape and Colour: Made and glazed by hand, unlike the uniformity of mass production, you will notice slight variations in shape and colour. Colours may not necessarily be exactly as depicted in these images.

Lead Time: This hand crafted piece takes approx three weeks to produce.

Caring for Porcelain: Porcelain is very durable and is microwave, oven, freezer and dishwasher safe. But to ensure the longest life for your porcelain ware clean after use by hand with warm soapy water. Don’t leave food or drink overnight as it may stain. If stains occur leave the ware stand in a vinegar soak of hot water and white vinegar for ten minutes, then wash as normal, staining should scrub off.

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