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Fancy a Cuppa?

Báidín Collection by Luke Sisk.
Earth, Fire & Water by Markus Jungmann.

No matter your fave, be it a coffee fix, tea cleanse or hot chocolate sugar buzz, when you fancy a cuppa it’s all the more enjoyable in a fancy cup.

There’s plenty of science out there proving why your beverage tastes better in a ceramic cup and we’re all aware of the benefits to the environment when purchasing small scale locally produced goods. But it’s also important to celebrate the small things, like taking time out to savour the flavour of your drink of choice in a cup you love.

Báidín Collection

Ceramic artist Luke Sisk, has designed the beautiful and very fancy Báidín Collection, inspired by the sea and coastline of Ireland. With a well defined contemporary look, the collection of cups, beakers and bowls are created in Ming porcelain in a range of fresh colours and a smooth semi-satin finish.

Earth, Fire & Water Collection

The Earth, Fire & Water range, designed and made by Markus Jungmann, is an elegant collection handmade in fine porcelain with a subtle translucency. Forms are functionary with intense and expressive surface design with a spectrum of vivid colours achieved by manipulating the firing atmosphere in a gas kiln to develop the deep, rich hues. 

Origineire products are not mass produced, they are designed for longevity, so you can purchase less often. Your purchase is hand crafted from ethically sourced materials, made to order and delivered directly to your door.

So, if you like a little luxury